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Council Membership Year is From November 1st Through October 31st Each Year>


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 American Surveyors & Mappers Council
The Competency Maintenance Organization dedicated to enhancing public safety & trust in the profession of Land Surveying & Mapping.

Our August 21, 22 & 23, 2014, Retreat in Kissimmee
We'll discuss "Washout Surveys;"
C.O.D Surveys instead of payment on closing;
Mandatory Errors & Omissions Insurance;
"Owner's Affidavit of No Change;"
and other issues relevant
to these economic hard times.


Florida Laws Affecting the Practice of Surveying & Mapping

  NEW and effective May, 2014, Fifteenth Edition. In addition to Florida Statutes, Chapters 95, 120, 161, 177, 472, and part of Chapters 718, 627, and 570 this soft-bound, 508 page set includes the full text of the MTS and rules of the Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers and Rules (chapter 5J-17, F.A.C.) and Procedures for Coastal Construction and Excavation from the Division of Beaches and Shores (chapter 62B-33, F.A.C.).  

Item #1241 ----------$75.00

plus $20.00 Shipping & Handling

FREE Mandatory Continuing Education for our Current Council Members
Call Wilma at (800) 874-7876 to Renew or Start Your Membership Now!

Dues Structure:
   * Existing Council Members: Your dues amount for the
     2012-2013 membership year is the same amount that
     you paid last year for your 2011-2012 dues.
   * Other than existing Council Members: Your dues
      amount for the 2012-2013 membership year is
      $295.00 for the first year and $225.00 per year for
      each year thereafter as long as you are a current
      Council Member.

Annual Council Membership Fee -----$225.00

Not a current Council member? Add -------$70.00

Surveying license/registration renewal in the States served by our Councils requires Continuing Professional Units or Hours ("CEUís") for Education, Competency, or Development. Our current Council members receive FREE CEUís by taking and passing our correspondence courses listed in the drop-down menu below or by attending our FREE-to-current-members Thirty-First Council Retreat (Florida Board Approved Provider #CE16, Course #0006518).

Download and print these courses at no charge for evaluation purposes. To submit your completed correspondence course examinations for grading and award of our certificates of completion for passing grades, join the State Council of your choice from the list in the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of this page.

Through an agreement with LSS Seminars & Publishing Company (Florida Board Approved Provider #CE16) the correspondence courses above are provided for our current members to complete and use for their current land surveyor license renewal requirements. Each passed course provides six (6) hours of continuing education/professional development credit. All files are in Adobe Acrobat "pdf" format. Please make sure that the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader is loaded and installed on your computer before attempting to load these Courses. 

Survey Referral Service

Map Indexing Service


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